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Welcome to the largest collection of news, facts, data, photographs and links on the islands of Leyte and Samar on the Net!


pointrt.gif (191 bytes) What is this site?

These pages are, for one, the result of an ambitious and serious attempt by the author to present the Eastern Visayas region in a more cohesive manner. It does not claim to be comprehensive, nor does it assert that it is the most accurate, although great effort is constantly excercised to do just that. It offers the visitor a working insight on the region hopefully enough to draw interest for the visitor to seek further knowledge on the subjects.

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) Why are these pages unofficial?
        Simply because these are designed, written and updated by the author alone (using resources 100% supplied by the author) WITHOUT any kind of support from any individual or organization, government, commercial or otherwise. Sources for various articles, facts, figures and photographs are clearly stated in their presentation.

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) Why put up the site?

There are a number of reasons for putting up this site:

  1. There is a dearth of web sites devoted solely for the presentation of Eastern Visayas. Although there are a number of sites pertaining to the region, none are updated regularly from the very region it seeks to present (at least as far as the author is concerned.) A site competently maintained from within the region and updated regularly is an appealing (though not profitable) enterprise.
  2. The six provinces in the islands of Leyte and Samar belong to the poorest provinces in a struggling developing country such as the Philippines. The wonderful people of these beautiful islands need all the help they can get in terms of promoting understanding and showcasing their unique and interesting way of life. Some of the best web sites on Eastern Visayas now in the web have been created by either the national government, commercial tourist-related outfits, or people who hail from the area and have since encountered good fortune enough to create and maintain web pages. This patchwork of information should be integrated and organized into a more cohesive whole. This site seeks to do just that.
  3. This is the first attempt by the author (who is a media production specialist) to utilize the medium of the World Wide Web. As such, these pages serve as a learning experience both for the visitor and the author. For a better understanding of the author’s motives, please visit The Author’s Home Page.

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) When was this site created and how often is it updated?

The site was published on this server sometime on September 1998. The pages are updated fairly regularly (at least once a month). News articles (under What’s New) are updated at least twice a month. Updates range from minor changes in data, outside links to other sites, posting of new photos to massive re-writes of informative articles and data tables.

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) How long will this site last?

  • Tricky question! As long as the author owns this desktop computer, a telephone line and an Internet link.
  • As long as there are these wonderful servers freely hosting sites on the web.
  • As long as the author’s interest is piqued (and that may take forever!)

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) Are contributions accepted?

With extreme gratitude as deep as the deepest ocean and high as the highest mountain (how corny can you get!) Please send contributions within the bounds of your interest and knowledge. These pages are dedicated to sharing knowledge in and out of the region. Contributions are dutifully acknowledged and carefully presented. Contact the author for more information (or perhaps just a nice exchange of e-mails!)

pointrt.gif (191 bytes) What are the sources of the data presented here and how reliable is it?

Most articles appearing in this site was written by the author. Excerpts from other sources are quoted verbatim and properly acknowledged. This holds more true to the What's New section which mostly include snippets of news and views from the radio, tv and print media both local (within Eastern Visayas) and national (nationwide).

All materials taken from other sources are properly acknowledged as warranted.  Although nothing is absolutely guaranteed, great effort is made to ensure that there are no copyright violations in the use of external material.

Though extreme care is practiced to present the facts, figures and photographs stated here as accurate, timely, relevant and fair as possible, the author cannot possibly claim that what is presented here is the absolute truth (if there is any such thing). The personal views and comments of the author, liberally sprinkled thoughout these pages, reflects solely the author's point of view and does not in any way represent any or all of the referenced individuals or organizations.

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