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The Gallery
Eastern Visayas snapshots

Clicking on thumbnails will display the full photograph. All photos taken by the author unless otherwise indicated. Because this site is relatively new, photographs are not categorized or sorted. Photos were scanned at 75 dpi. Absolutely no manipulation, digital or otherwise, were made on these pictures. These are not copyrighted. The author (and the other photo takers) only ask to be give proper recognition.

Leyte_Capitol_Thumb.jpg (8700 bytes)

The Leyte Capitol building in Tacloban City proudly displaying the Centennial colors. McArthur_statues_Thumb.jpg (7747 bytes) If you don't know these statues then you're not from here. Larger than life bronze statues of McArthur and his staff landing in Palo, Leyte.
Samar_Capitol_Thumb.jpg (7116 bytes) The Samar Capitol taken at about the same time as that above. No centennial celebrations in Samar? Palo_market_Thumb.jpg (9391 bytes) Despite problems with resource management, the seas of Leyte and Samar remain bountiful as the wet markets show.
Palo_potpot_2_Thumb.jpg (9231 bytes) The ubiquitous "potpot" or pedicab. Chances are you'll be riding one of these when you visit the islands. Palo_potpot_Thumb.jpg (9967 bytes) Another shot of the "potpots."
danao_lake_Thumb.jpg (5750 bytes) Lake Danao high on the hills of Ormoc. Peaceful, serene and still unspoiled. This is one of the major watersheds in Leyte island. (photo by Vicky)

flame_mcarthur_Thumb.jpg (7697 bytes)

The eternal flame of peace. Surrounding the bronze sculpture are stone tablets bearing messages from different countries on the Leyte Landings. (photo by Vicky)

marabut_rocks_Thumb.jpg (8417 bytes)

One of the magnificent rock islets of Marabut, south of Samar island.

sohoton_entrance_Thumb.jpg (8642 bytes)

The entrance to the Sohoton Caves, one of the best sites to visit in the region.
falls1_Thumb.jpg (3868 bytes)

rocks_shore_Thumb.jpg (6807 bytes)

A white beach along Eastern Samar's shoreline
festival1_Thumb.jpg (7024 bytes) Festivals are frequent in the islands with colorful parades and street shows such as this from Abuyog, Leyte...
(photo by Vicky)

festival2_Thumb.jpg (6700 bytes)

... and this from Maasin, Southern Leyte
(photo by Vicky)
pintados_Thumb.jpg (3928 bytes) Mimicking the first people of the islands... the "Pintados" (painted people)

xmas_house_Thumb.jpg (4686 bytes)

One of the lavishly adorned houses of Palo, Leyte during their annual Christmas festival.


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