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These are all outside links that offer alternative information and/or expound on several topics presented on this site. As I mentioned in the home page regarding the purpose of these pages, there is a serious dearth of sites devoted to the region.

The following links have been verified as of 11/04/98

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Criteria: Quality of Information, Relevancy to the Region, Services Provided, Ease of Navigation

Title Description

Philippine Business Online (Leyte and Samar)
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A short listing of business and investment opportunities in Leyte and Samar. Some data are too optimistic. The feasibility study should be updated.

National Statistical Coordination Board, Region 8 Facts and Figures
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A typical government information site. This site is useful for those searching for numbers, figures, percentages and other "exact" information on the region. The data however needs to be updated. A very slow site sith fuzzy pictures and maps.

NEDA Region 8 Profile
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From the official site of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) of the Philippines. Consists of a single, no-nonsense page of facts as of 1995 (!). 'nuff said.

The Balangiga Pages
An American Nightmare

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A view of the Balangiga incident written by Bob Couttie (who e-mailed me just to say that he is NOT an American).  For Samareņos, Balangiga is one of the greatest (perhaps the only) victory over the Americans during their occupation of the archipelago in the early 1900's. This is an exhaustive work on the still controversial Balangiga incident. Unfortunately the small town of Balangiga has no web site of its own.

European Philippine Services (Home Page):
Leyte Page
Eastern Samar Page
Samar Page
Northern Samar Page
Biliran Page
Southern Leyte Page
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An extensive site on the Philippines. As the name suggests, it is tourist-centric. Their overview on the six provinces in the region includes workable maps (although no scale is provided) and a listing of interesting places to visit. Contains contact lists and guestbooks for those looking for people in the region.

League of Province Provincial Profiles:
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Short, terse provincial overviews from the League of Provinces of the Philippines.

Tacloban Home Page
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Lots of information about the regional capital. The pages (which are outdated) were still being updated as of this posting according to the author.

National Statistics Office
Population Census for Region 8

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Like what the title says, contains basic 1995 census statistics for the region and broken down by province.

Tanikalang Ginto Leyte Page
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Click on this and you'll go to the Leyte page on this site which claims to be "the Philippine's most comprehensive web directory." Included are links to other sites most of which are already listed here. Plenty of dead links.

Leyte-Samar Heritage Center
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Purpotedly a center for studies of the culture of Eastern Visayas with the ambitious goal of "empowerment" and "general amelioration of the people" by studying regional culture and the environment. Unfortunately, the sentence above is pretty much all the information you could get out of this site. I added this because of it's annoying habit of still being listed by major search engines. WARNING!!! NO CONTENT AVAILABLE!!!

Visayas and Mindanao Website
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A well-laid out and presented business and travel guide to the Visayas and MIndanao regions. Unfortunately, the site is concentrated on the more developed areas of these regions. Still you might want to see what's happening here.

OrmocNet HomePage
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OrmocNet is one of several ISPs in this booming city of Leyte.

The Universal Currency Converter

A snappy service that converts currencies based on their latest exhange values. Ooops! This is not the correct web site to post this!

Visayan Islands
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A guide to accomodations in some of the Visayas islands including Leyte and Samar. Fairly updated but too few choices presented.

Ini An Waray
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This site attempts to provide a one-stop site for linking Samareņos from accross the world. However, it's plagued by dead links, unresponsive servers and outdated postings. Still, it is worth to look into. I loved the descriptive (albeit long-winded) narration of a visitor to Samar regarding her experience.

Philippine Domestic air ticketing services
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If you want information about flights to and from the region, then this is the site. Updated regularly and offers a cool interface. (What? No PAL?)

History of Leyte towns
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Very similar (because of the same main source) to the "legends" pages of this site (ok ok, so there's no "legends" pages here yet!), this page was published by the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints. This site also contains interesting pictures and data. As the title suggests, it includes comprehensive histories of Leyte towns.

My travel to Leyte
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A good account of a traveller's experience from North Carolina to Leyte. Lot's of pictures and good maps too. Would-be visitors would want to check out this first-hand experience of a traveller to the region.

Pinoy Search Engines

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Two of the best Pinoy sites offering extensive search services on anything Pinoy on the web. If you have come this far browsing this page, then these sites are a must see.

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