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Samar Island
An Overview

Samar island is the third largest island of the Philippine archipelago. It is also the
easternmost island. Mysterious, engaging, rustic, comely and serene, Samar is considered one of the best natural and historical destination in the country.

As with Leyte, the name Samar is interchangeably used to refer both to the island and one of its three provinces, the other two being Northern and Eastern Samar. It was in a small island southeast of main land mass where Magellan first touched land in the far east. It's history has since been long and colorful.

The island is noted for being the home of the Philippine Eagle, one of the most rare and largest raptor in the world discovered in the northern part of the island by John Whitecomb in the early 1900's. Today, the only documented breeding site of this majestic eagle is in Samar.

On the southern point of the island is the sleepy town of Balangiga, the scene of....

Many consider Samar as the "last frontier" in the country. Development has been slow and large sections of the island are actually just being discovered and documented. Although the western part of the island



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