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Frankly I want to stay anonymous but visitors might wonder who would set up a site such as this and what my motives are so I'm forced to say something about myself.

So what can anyone say about himself? This is extremely difficult, believe me.

My name's Pol. Last name's Lanting for anyone interested. I've lived on and off the islands of Leyte and Samar for the past decade and a half. Originally from Metro Manila (Quezon City), one can say that I have travelled pretty much more than the average Filipino both in and out of the Philippines. It was some two years ago that my nomadic ways were cut short by "family pressure", that is, my wife and son threatened me with bodily harm if I can't plant my feet on the same contiguous patch of land for six months. That's when I got seriously tied up in these islands.

What I do for a living is directly proportional to what I had for breakfast that particular morning. Well at least that's what some of my friends tell me of my career. I've been both employee and employer, the subordinate and the boss, the pencil pusher and the adventurer, the bespectacled computer nerd and the daring hiker and diver. My background extends from being an officer in the military, an editor of a local newspaper, a nature photographer, a media production specialist to being a father of three and a master to a St. Bernard. Now I work when I want to, and bum around when I don't. (Nice life eh?)

Hope this satisfies your curiosity. If you want to know more then we have to exchange notes. Contact me. I assure you I don't bite. See 'ya!

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Hello from my son too!

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